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Brick & Mobile Experience is a new kind of trade show, created to explain and showcase new mobile and wireless technologies for brick and mortar retailers.

Those ubiquitous mobile devices–smartphones and tablets–that every one of your customers carry can change the game–boost the bottom line, increase sales and develop new customer relationships.

The BAM Experience brings retailers face to face with mobile experts and solution providers. Get hands-on demonstrations of the latest innovations in mobile marketing, mobile retail, mobile payments, wireless and more. Enjoy keynotes from thought leaders in marketing and technology, as well as your peers.

Our workshops provide practical information and techniques that are immediately applicable to retail stores, restaurants and any business with a window and a door. This event will educate, demonstrate and provide practical guidance about the mobile platforms, solutions and partners that can improve business and increase revenues. And we’ll address all the retail pain points: showcasing, Cyber Monday, customer hemorrhage and the in-store engagement experience, among others.

The BAM Experience show floor will give attendees unparalleled, hands-on demonstrations of the latest wireless technologies, devices and applications. Experience the intersection of mobile and retail first-hand!

Beyond the show floor, our networking opportunities allow attendees to meet with like-minded business owners, managers and marketers from your local area to discuss common problems, solutions and more.

Brick & Mobile Experience is the only show of its kind that brings retailers and mobile solutions together on the same street for a common mission: to reboot the retail experience around mobile.

Business Owners & Managers Should Attend Brick & Mobile Experience to:

  • Experience Mobile Platforms to Engage, Communicate and Convert Customers: See the technology, test-drive it, discuss it with the product manufacturers, and learn first-hand its value for your business.
  • Learn: Hear what Experts and Visionaries think about the future of mobile and retail. Then, take one or more deeper dives on topics key to your business. Our Workshops are designed to educate you about products and platforms; our Management- and Marketing-focused workshop are designed for less technical business executives.
  • Network: Meet with like-minded business owners, managers and marketers from your local area to discuss common problems, solutions and more.
  • Take home Guide: “Brick & Mobile Tool Kit” 4) Community: Information and Peer-Group interaction categorized by: Business Type (e.g. retailers, hospitality, health, services) and Geography 


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